23 June 2013

The Honeymoon is over...

There is really nothing more to say without going overboard :)  It's a unique unit - not really a true ED & certainly not a typical in-patient ward.  It's like a mix between an ED, a chronic medical ward (Thank You OBC for my in-pt experience!) and an ICU.  We also see a lot of transplant pts...not usually fresh ones, but no shortage of kidneys here I guess.  I do try to remind myself this is a specialist/referral hospital so our pt population will be a little distorted.  Just like at home - too many days at work made you feel like 80% of the U.S. was either heroin addicted, drunk, diabetic or wanted to jump off a bridge.  Here, you feel like all Saudi's are either borrowing a kidney, have a congenital abnormality, have had cardiac surgery, are jaundiced or diabetic...obviously not true in either country - just a skewed perspective.  And rather fascinating of course!

Which is why it's important NOT to work too much!  I'm happy to have gotten off the beach (boring!) and into a boat.  A bunch of us booked a trip out on the Red Sea - a few went diving, the rest snorkeled.  Really cool coral reefs with Amazing fish - next time I'll try & get some underwater photos.  I will probably refresh my dive cert & hope to try some wind surfing....I've heard women are "not allowed" to do the latter.  More investigation will be conducted.

Last week a Filipino friend from work took us to the fish market - much cleaner than some I've seen and always more fun than buying seafood in the grocery store :)


Lesson of the day - choose boy crabs instead of girl crabs...

Actually, just stick to Oregon crabs & get regular fish - Yum!  After the market we went to another co-workers house (not in a compound!) and enjoyed a lovely meal & afternoon.

On my next stretch off we plan to take a trip to Taif - it's east of Jeddah, past Mecca, and quite a few clicks away.  Apparently there are mountains to hike & camels to ride & monkeys to see!  We may even visit a "flower water"/perfume distillery (not, for the record, my preferred type of distillery!)  We'll see what actually happens.  It's a hospital organized trip so all I know is that it is from 7:30 - 11pm.  Stay tuned...

As always, I hope all is well - wish I could send ya'll some of this hot, super sunny weather!
Thanks again for your comments - just when I feel "over it" (like after Blog Post #1 :))  I read your comments & am encouraged to post again!
Until next time,

PS:  Warren, I am dreaming of your...gorgeously....delicious...STOUT!  You bet your rokba you are saving me some!!